SciFlow is an editor tailored to the needs of scientific writers but rather than acting like a normal word processor it let writers rearrange ideas through an Adobe AIR interface and receive reviews on those sections, no matter how much the structure of the document changed over time (Ruby on Rails web app).

SciFlow Client 2009

The entire proof of concept was built to work with Amazon Webservices for scalability and included a node concept where to scale just more nodes had to be added.

Software for Scientific Writing: SciFlow Alpha Screencast from Frederik on Vimeo.

After graduating I thought about generating a business from this idea but (for various reasons) decided to go a different path. I am still getting requests from all over the world on what has happened to the project (Ok, I’m exaggerating, maybe a couple a year ;-)). Hence this page.

You can read more about SciFlow in the Future Internet journal over here and maybe pay @wollepb a visit who not only supervised my thesis but also collaborated on this paper with me.