Learning Angular with ng-book

flatbook-ngbook-smallLast week we finally launched our new non-profit pflueck.org (German) which has a very simple concept. Modeled after projects like not far from the tree we will be bringing fruit tree owners, who don’t have the time to harvest and hungry volunteers together in harvest events.

Afterwards the harvest the home owner, the volunteers and Pflueck.org each get a third of the harvest. Our third is then donated to organizations that could use the fruit (shelters, schools etc.).

To facilitate this we are building a web application that will allow us to easily coordinate events and make signups as simple as possible. As a frontend framework we decided to go with AngularJS because it not only is a beautiful way to develop websites but also allows us to make signing up a seamless experience to the user. Since I wasn’t familiar with AngularJS before – and after reading a lot of materials online – I decided to give ng-book by Ari Learner a go.

The book (I got the PDF version from ng-book.com – which, by the way, gets frequent updates!) covers all topics that a web developer who is not familiar with the concepts of AngularJS should know. You can check out the table of contents here. Disclaimer: If you are not a web developer already (or have a basic undestanding of web technologies), reading this book might prove to be a challenge. For all others: I would definitely recommend buying it. It really covers anything you might want (and need) to know to get started.

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