Bootstrap and AngularJS meet Drupal

I was recently researching ways to build responsive web pages for a non-profit that would be absolutely easy to use and nice to look at at the same time – without spending too much time in Photoshop that is. I think I found my weapon of choice.

AngularJS with a Bootstrap design, built with Yeoman. I’ve spend the last couple of evenings reading and watching videos. One I can definitely recommend is this video from Google I/O last year – especially if you’ve never heard of AngularJS. Since it can be hard to get used to new frameworks I definitely recommend this video on how to get started with Yeoman to build, test and deploy Angular apps. You can see Angular at work on my homepage over at

My goal is to build a backend based on Drupal (since I’ll be using some existing plugins for event registrations etc.) and let the data model live there. AngularJS can then connect through the Drupal API to provide a user-friendly interface.

It’s been some time since I’ve been this excited about web development again; I think the last time was when Ruby on Rails came out and I started to learn ruby. I’ve had my fair share of JavaScript in the past so I hope learning Angular is not going to be too difficult.

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